Fast, effective relief of bladder leakage

In the U.S., 10 million women suffer from bladder leaks. These are often caused by one of the following:

  • Injuries, such as muscle damage from childbirth, infections, spinal injuries or cancer
  • Medical conditions, including pregnancy, obesity or diabetes, which can weaken pelvic muscles
  • Genetics, such as an inherited risk for pelvic weakness and urinary incontinence


Types of bladder leaks

The two main types of bladder leaks women experience are:


  • Stress incontinence: When you leak due to activities that put pressure or stress on your bladder, such as sneezing or lifting heavy items
  • Urge incontinence: When the bladder squeezes at the wrong time, often due to a trigger such as running water, which causes a loss of urine



Get the help you need to stop bladder leakage

We can help you reduce bladder leaks in as little as two to four weeks with physical therapy and exercises you do at home.
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