Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery


Have you had weight loss surgery and now struggle with nutrition questions?  Nutrition after weight loss surgery is one of the most important aspects of follow-up to safely maximize weight loss and prevent weight gain.  The main factors contributing to successful weight loss after bariatric surgery are the patients ability to make lifestyle changes and maintain those changes for years to come following surgery.  Sounds easy right?  Not always...

Our dedicated bariatric dietitian is here to help in the following ways:

  •  She will serve to guide, support and educate the class on issues such as diet progression after surgery, foods to  consume, and foods to avoid/limit. 
  •  She will provide each participant with sample meal and snack ideas and touch on exercise and follow-up  recommendations.  
  •  She will give you ideas on how to work through hunger pains and deal with stress without turning to food.

These classes will address post-op patients in two different groups.  The first class will address 6 months to 1 year post-op and the second class will be for patients 1 year to 3 years post-op and we will host a third class for 3 years and beyond post-op. Each class is one hour long so be sure to register for the correct post-operative time frame for you.

Please join us for this one hour class to get the support you need to maintain your weight loss or, the refresher you need to get back on track. 



Linda Braud

Special Instructions:

Registration for class is required.  No refunds.