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  • Unexpected Complications in Term Newborns

     Neonatologists Dr. Kip Smith and Dr. Cindy Voelker discuss various potential complications in term newborns. ZOOM Virtual Class

  • Placenta Accreta

    A multidisciplinary continuing education offering presented by Dr. Pamela Simmons for OB/GYNs, MFMs, and registered nurses. Other interested health care providers are welcome to attend. ZOOM Virtual Class

  • Psychiatric Medication Use in Pregnancy

    The GRACE Program, through a generous grant from the United Health Foundation, presents an interdisciplinary continuing education offering on psychiatric medication usage in pregnancy presented by psychiatrist Dr. Renee Bruno. ZOOM Virtual Class

  • Therapeutic Marijuana

    Dr. Mary Raven will discuss the legal aspects, therapeutic applications, and the history of therapeutic marijuana. ZOOM Virtual Class

  • PCOS, Weight Loss, and Infertility

    An interdisciplinary continuing education offering on PCOS, weight loss, and infertility presented by reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Neil Chappell. ZOOM Virtual Class

  • Breast Cancer Identifying High Risk Patients

    Intended for breast surgical oncologists, OB/GYNs, primary care providers, radiation oncologists, nurses, imaging staff and other health care providers. ZOOM Virtual Class

  • Spectrum of Substances in Pregnancy

    Woman's Hospital GRACE program, with a generous grant from the United Health Foundation, presents an interdisciplinary continuing education activity on a spectrum of substances and their effects in pregnancy presented by addictionologist Dr. Louis Cataldie. ZOOM Virtual Class

  • Poverty Simulation
     What's it like to live in poverty? This FREE simulation is designed to help create a better understanding of the stresses and obstacles faced by someone living in poverty.
  • AWHONN Virtual Chapter Meeting CE on Perinatal OCD and Motherhood
    The local chapter of AWHONN presents a CE for nurses presented by Dr. Renee Bruno, perinatal psychiatrist. The purpose of this program is to discuss best practices for keeping women with obsessive-compulsive disorder safe during pregnancy, labor, and postpartally. ZOOM Virtual Meeting
  • Multidisciplinary Trauma Informed Care in the Perinatal Setting
    Dr. Renee Bruno, perinatal psychiatrist, and Veronica Mollere, licensed clinical social worker and trauma therapist, present a two-hour webinar on perinatal trauma informed care. ZOOM Virtual Class
Page 1 of 2 | Results 1 - 10 of 11