Hospital Orientation Tour

Woman’s welcomes expectant parents to tour the Labor and Delivery rooms, family waiting areas, Transition Nursery and the Mother/Baby rooms. The tour includes information about the OB EXPRESS registration process and what you can expect while delivering at our hospital. Walk through the hospital and see the personal care you can expect to receive. (This same class was previously titled Baby and You Orientation Tour)

Please understand that this tour is for adults only – no exceptions can be made.

Video: Woman’s Labor and Delivery Tour Video 

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Class Reviews:

  • “Excellent information. Highly recommend the tour for all expecting parents.”
  • “All of the presenters / nurses were encouraging and knowledgeable. I feel good about the level of care I can expect to receive at Woman’s when I have my baby. Thanks!”
  • “I was SO glad we did the hospital tour. It relieved a lot of anxiety I was having about where to go when we're in labor and the logistics of the day with parking and visitors and such. Such a value-added service the hospital provides!!”
  • “Thank you to all the nurses and staff for making our first experience at Woman's relaxed and reassuring to all of us moms and dads.”
  • “This was the first in a series of classes that my husband and I chose to take at Woman’s. We loved the program and we’ve loved every program since. The classes have really helped us to become better prepared for the experience ahead.”

Special Instructions:

Registration is required and includes participant and one adult partner. Children are not permitted on the tour - no exceptions can be made.

Please register under the mom’s name as the attendee. The spouse or partner is the guest.

If you have other adults you want to bring, you must register them separately. 

This is a 45 minute walking tour. We recommend doing this tour before your seventh month of pregnancy.

We suggest that you complete the tour before attending the Preparing for Delivery class.


Dates Offered: