Patricia Johnson, RN, DNP

Senior Vice President, Patient Care/ Chief Nursing Officer

johnsonTriciaPatricia joined Woman’s in 1997. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Mississippi College, a Master of Nursing Administration from Emory University, and a doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of South Alabama. She is also certified in Advanced Nursing Administration. She oversees nursing and patient care across the organization. She has operational responsibilities for perioperative services, neonatal intensive care, respiratory therapy, and gynecology/oncology/medical services. Patricia was appointed to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing by the Governor of the State from 2007 to 2015. She also served as the president of the Louisiana Organization of Nurse Executives, and was the regional co-chair for the Louisiana Action for the Future of Nursing. She currently serves on the Premier CNO Advisory Council. Patricia earned recognition as the Outstanding Nurse Administrator by the Louisiana State Nurses Association in 2006, Louisiana Best 100 Nurses in 2010, and Excellence in Practice Award by the University of South Alabama in 2012.