Donna Bodin

Vice President, Employee/Wellness Services

bodinDonnaDonna Bodin is Woman's Vice President, Employee/Wellness Services. Donna joined Woman’s in September 1995 was promoted to vice president in April 2007. Her areas of responsibility include human resources, employee health services and clinic, therapy services (audiology, speech, occupational and physical therapy), fitness club, spa, clinical aesthetics, outpatient nutritional services,  clinical, non-clinical, and community education / development and Woman’s Child Development Center.

Prior to joining Woman's, she was Director of Human Resources for Medisave Pharmacies, Inc. Donna holds an Associate of Arts degree in Mass Communications and was certified by the national Society for Human Resources Management as a Professional in Human Resources in 1986. Donna is a 2012 graduate of the Greater Baton Rouge Leadership program. She is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management, the Medical Group Management Association, the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration and the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development. Donna is a recipient of the Louisiana Volunteer Services award, and has served in various leadership positions with the Girl Scouts of America, United Way, the American Heart Association, Family Road of Greater Baton Rouge and the American Diabetes Association. She currently serves as a member of the MedBR Coalition, and is also involved in HealthyBR and Well-Ahead, governmental initiatives to improve the health of Louisiana residents.