Construction Updates

If you’ve been to our campus recently, you’ve noticed a lot of construction! Current projects to better meet your needs include an expanded Assessment Center, new Breast & GYN Cancer Pavilion and new Same Day Surgery.

 Upcoming Activity

  • Parking Lot C will be blocked for four to five weeks, for your convenience, please use our free valet service to avoid potential parking issues
  • Over the upcoming weeks, the first-floor breezeway between the hospital and Physician's Office Building will be closed from 6 PM to 6 AM 
  • Steel framing begins for Same Day Surgery Center
  • Reconfiguration of the main entrance circle drive

Some of our offices have moved! Please be sure to check the Recent Relocations tab for more information. 

Hospital Main Entrance

Hospital Entrance Construction

The circle drive near the hospital's main entrance will continue to be under construction for the next few weeks. This construction will not affect the daily activities of the hospital; however, please be mindful of the work being done and posted signs. Valet parking services are still available, but have been moved temporarily to the discharge area located to the left of the circle. 

Keep checking this site for the latest updates on our progress and construction.

Assessment Center

Architect: Bradley Blewster & Associates | Contractor: Arkel Constructors 

Upgrades to our Assessment Center will allow us to provide patients with faster care. Upgrades include but are not limited to:

  • Three triage rooms and a restroom 
  • New ultrasound room
  • New sliding doors to provide increased functionality to patient rooms



Breast & Gyn Cancer Pavilion

Architect: HKS, Inc. and Bradley Blewster & Associates | Contractor: Arkel Constructors

This new addition will allow us to provide comprehensive breast and gynecologic cancer care to women. Construction is scheduled to be completed by February 2018. 


Auger cast piles being formed and poured to prepare the foundation of the new Breast & GYN Cancer Pavilion.


The vault, or concrete enclosure, for the linear accelerator used to provide radiation therapy being constructed.

Same Day Surgery

Architect: Bradley Blewster & Associates | Contractor: Arkel Constructors 

Our new outpatient surgery center will be located on the second floor of the Physician Office Building and will have four operating rooms. It has been designed to provide convenient outpatient surgery and procedures for our patients.  Same Day Surgery is scheduled to open October 2017. 

Same Day Surgery Steel Framing

Steel framing has been installed for the new Same Day Surgery Center.

Recent Relocations

Advanced Imaging has opened the new location in Suite 110 inside the POB, near the lab. Services provided through Advanced Imaging include: Diagnostic Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, Breast Core Biopsies, Osteoporosis (DEXA) Scans, and MRI's. 

The CATS bus stop has been relocated to the new handicap parking lot.

Drs. Christian, Cuntz and Bowie have been relocated to Suite 305.

PreAdmit has moved to Suite 105 of the first floor.

Woman's Gynecologic Oncology has moved from Suite 407 to Suite 410. 

LSU OB/GYN Clinic at Woman’s Hospital has moved from Suite 414 to Suite 407.



Due to construction, a large portion of Parking Lot C will be blocked starting July 13, 2017, and will remained block for four to five weeks. We encourage patients and visitors to utilize our free valet service to avoid potential issues with parking. 

The handicap parking area located in Parking Lot C (between the hospital and POB) is closed. A new parking lot located near the hospital entrance is now open. This lot is exclusively handicap spaces and can be found at the tip of the "A" pod tower. 

New Parking