COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 4/3/20)

We are working to answer the many questions you undoubtedly have. This is what we know today; these answers may change day to day depending upon the situation in our community. Please check back regularly for updates.

  • One support person per day only for hospital patients. A support person can be anyone you designate, including a spouse or partner. Support persons will be allowed to stay with patients at all times. We encourage that this be your support person for your entire hospital stay.
  • No visitors are allowed for outpatient appointments such as doctor visits, imaging and lab appointments.
  • No children are allowed in the facilities.

Doctor’s Appointments:

  • Will I have to go through screening before my doctor's appointment? Yes, all patients will be required to go through screening. Screening involves answering a few questions. Visitors are not allowed for outpatient visits.
  • What is a fever? In this situation, we consider a temperature over 99.9 a fever.
  • What are the visitor restrictions for doctor appointments? Visitors are not allowed inside the Physician Office Building at this time.
  • Can I still come to my doctor if I have fever or symptoms of respiratory illness? If you have fever or symptoms of respiratory illness please do not come to campus. Contact your doctor before leaving home for instructions.
  • Do I need to arrive early to allow extra time for the screening process? The screening process should only take a few minutes.


  • Will I have to go through screening before entering the hospital? Yes, all patients and visitors will be required to go through screening before entering the hospital.
  • What does the screening process involve? Screening involves answering a few questions. These questions can be found on
  • What is a fever? In this situation, we consider 99.9 a fever.
  • Do I need to arrive early to allow extra time for the screening process? The screening process should only take a few minutes. 
  • Is there an age limit for visitors? No children are allowed as visitors.
  • Can my support person come and go once they have been checked in as my support person? We ask that your support person limit coming and going. They will also be required to remain in your room. If they do leave they will be required to go through screening each time they exit the building.
  • Will I be required to wear a face mask? All patients and their support person are required to wear a surgical face mask while in the hospital, unless alone inside the patient room. You will be asked to put on a mask any time staff enter the room.
  • Can I still get a screening mammogram? No, we are temporarily suspending non-urgent imaging procedures, including screening mammograms.
  • I’m scheduled for surgery, how do I know if it will proceed? All non-emergency procedures are cancelled, please contact your physician for specific information regarding your case. 
  • Is there a definite end date for these temporary visitation guidelines? There is not a definite end date on visitation restrictions at this time. We are constantly working with officials and monitoring the COVID-19 situation to keep our patients, employees and visitors safe.
  • With limited entrances how do I know which door to use to get to my appointment? Patient and visitor entrances have been limited to the hospital’s main entrance and the Physician Office Building entrance. Only Breast & GYN Cancer Pavilion patients are asked to enter through the Pavilion entrance.
  • Can I order food delivery? Yes, you can have food delivered, but you must go outside to receive your delivery.
  • Can flowers still be delivered to patients? Yes, flowers can still be delivered. Delivery vendors will need drop off blooms at the hospital’s main entrance.

Labor and Delivery:

  • How many visitors am I allowed? Every patient is allowed one support person at all times.
  • Can my support person change throughout the day? It is not recommended. Our intent is to limit the number of people who are entering the hospital to protect the health of our mothers and babies.
  • If I am pregnant and have a cold or present COVID-19 symptoms will I still be cared for? Yes, Woman’s will care for both you and your baby. Restrictions on admittance are for visitors only. All hospital patients will be screened and cared for.
  • If I am COVID-positive or under investigation for COVID-19, will I still be allowed visitors in the hospital? At this time, we are not allowing visitors for patients that have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are still under investigation. If you fall into this category, please speak directly with your nurse once you arrive at the hospital.
  • Once the baby is born is he/she considered a patient and do they get an additional visitor? Unfortunately no. Once the baby is born he/she does not get additional visitors, the mother and baby are collectively limited to one support person.
  • Will my doula be considered my single support person? Yes, per CDC guidelines a doula will be considered your single support person.
  • Will my birth photographer be considered my single support person? Yes. A birth photographer is considered a support person. We do, however, recommend that you reschedule your photographer for home photos.
  • Will my support person be allowed to stay overnight? Yes, each patient's support person will be allowed to be with them at all times.
  • Is the NICU visitation policy different? Yes. Only parents, or a mother and a designated significant other, over the age of 12 will be allowed into the NICU. You will not be able to change the designated significant other for the duration of the baby’s stay, or until the situation has passed.

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